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Steel Processing Services

We offer slitting, shearing of steel mother coil into smaller slitted coils and sheets, as well as reshearing, welding or steel sheets. Our factories are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to ensure customer's needs are met adequately. Reliability is our commitment to our customer. Additionally, in understanding the need of flexibility, customized sizes can be produced and packed in proactive packages.

We are ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 certified. Customer can expects exceptional quality products and services resulting fewer return products and complaints, on time delivery, environment friendly manufacturing through efficient resource usage and reduction of waste, OHSAS compliance reducing risk of safety causing supply shortages.

Manufacturing Facilities

Aerial RWFactory #1 (Rawang)

Machine: Slitter Line x 2, Shearing Line x 3

Capacity: 100,000 MT / Year

Aerial KLGFactory #2 (Klang)

Machine: Slitter Line x 3, Shearing Line x 3, Welding Line x 2

Capacity: 160,000 MT / Year

Process Overview

MKPC SteelProcessing 1

Process Details

twbTailored Welded Blanks are semi-finished parts, which are typically made from sheets with different thicknesses, coatings or material properties. This process involves welding two or more steel sheets of different thickness and substance as well as partially changing their properties. After joining, these will be subjected to deep drawing or stamping.

reshearThis process involves cutting/shearing of sheet form material into smaller sizes according to customer requirement.



Criteria Range
Thickness: 0.5 ~ 12.0 mm 
Material Width: 60 ~ 3,100 mm
Cut Lenght: 80 ~ 3,100 mm
Capacity: 100,000 MT

shearThis process involves the use of shearing machine to cut/shear perpendicular to the direction of feeded steel coil by using rectangular knives according to specified sizes of length required by customer. We are equiped with advanced machines, and regular maintenance, resulting minimal amount of BURR and size tolerance.



Criteria Range
Thickness: 0.3 ~ 12.7 mm 
Coil Width: 50 ~ 1,900 mm
Cut Lenght: 150 ~ 9,700 mm
Capacity: 200,000 MT

slitSlitting of steel coil is our core business operation. We have decades of experience in slitting high end steel coils for automotive,  electrical & electronic industries, and low end general market.

The process of slitting involves the use of slitter machine to cut/slit parallel with the direction of feeding of the steel coil by using circular knives according to specified sizes of width required by customer.



Criteria Range
Thickness: 0.3 ~ 5.0 mm 
Coil Width: 30 ~ 1,785 mm
Slit Width: 14 ~ 1,785 mm
Capacity: 200,000 MT


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